My favorite motivational Writing Quotes

Writing can be hard. Getting yourself to write might even be harder. Anyone who’s ever attempted to write a story knows this to be true. But what makes one person persist in the writing process and another give up?

For me, one of the ways to persist is finding the right kind of motivation. I am a sucker for quotes. Short, spot-on sentences that give me a loving but determined kick in the butt. Quotes help me deal with the sabotaging voices in my head. The voices that tell me that my writing sucks, or I’m just not persistent enough, or I’m never going to be known for my writing because I am horrible about getting into the spotlights.

To tell those voices to go screw themselves, I searched a long time to find the right quotes that help me motivate myself in my writing process even on days when nothing seems to go write. Pun intended. Well, maybe not specifically on those days (I do like my not-today days where I sit in my PJ’s and bingewatch my favorite series… I call those finding-inspiration days). And today, I’ll share a few of those quotes with you:

You can download the bigger versions of these quotes on Pinterest. Save them onto your computer and use them as wallpaper: I do that all the time to keep me focused on the task at hand, wherever I am in the writing process.

Being able to persist through any roadblock in your writing process is something that every writer has to deal with, even the ones that have been writing for years. But it strengthens you and it strengthens your writing. Keep at it. Remember why you wanted to write in the first place and stop the excuses. Just write!

Any quotes that really gives you the right push to continue in your writing process? Please share them below with me! I’m always on the look out for them as I am sure many of us writers are!

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