Review: An Impossible Truth by Petra van der Ploeg


An Impossible Truth tells the story of twenty-six-year-old Sophia McAllister who finds out her dreams are not just dreams: she travels to a realm, much like her own, except she’s sixteen and back in high school.
But her travels come with a heavy price; her own sanity is on the line when she starts to question whether or not the life she’s led so far is in fact… real.


The Writing

Van der Ploeg has a really smooth writing style. While reading this book, you can’t tell from the lay out that Sophia is travelling through the different realms. There’s nothing that distinguishes the story in one realm from the other. But Van der Ploeg describes it so good, you just know whenever Sophia’s entered a different realm. The way of writing challenges you to use your own imagination.

Editorial notes

When I first saw the book, I had no choice but to fall in love with his cover. The soft colors caught my eyes. While reading the book, I never noticed the book was written by a Dutch author. Van der Ploeg writes in English like its her native language. I couldn’t find any mistakes, not in grammar and not in the storyline. You can tell that many profesional eyes saw this book before it was published.

Point of view

Van der Ploeg writes in first person and from the main person Sophia. Throughout the story, you really connect with Sophia and you team up with her. You want to help her understand what is going on.


Sophia, a 26-year-old woman, finds out that she can travel between different realms. In one particular realm, she’s a 16-year-old student. That’s a big difference, and the confusion and thoughts from Sophia are very well written. Sophia really came alive to me in this book. Sophia’s best friend is Anna. She’s the first one who finds out about Sophia’s travels. Then we have Stiles, he is a 16-year-old boy living in the same realm as where Sophia’s a student. In the beginning, I didn’t really know what I should think of him. But soon enough I fell in love with him. We also meet Mr. Hicks. He knows a lot about Sophia’s abillity to travel and wants to help her with that. The characters are all well-written and you have no choice but to love them.

The ending

The ending did frustrate me, because it left me with so many questions! The tension on the end was really powerful. The things that happened were unexpected (I’m not going to tell what happened because that would be a spoiler), but I can ensure you this ending will leave you with an open mouth. Better buy the second book before you end this one, so you can continue on Sophia’s journey!

So, is this first book of the Somnia series enough for me to continue reading?

So, is this really even a question? I really want to know how Sophia’s story continues. An Impossible Truth is so well written, with a strong storyline and amazing characters. Four more books to go!

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