What (new) authors need

Writing a book takes time and hard work. When the day comes that the book is actually available to its readers, a writer (then author) feels relieved and proud. But the journey doesn’t end there.

Every author wants their book to be loved. But in order to achieve that, the first thing a book needs is to be noticed by the readers and that is not an easy task for an Indie Author. There are several things you can do. Some take money, others take time, but all of them take a lot of determination.

The best and easiest way to get noticed is by having lots of reviews on your books on and The more reviews, the more exposure a book gets. The exact number of reviews is debatable, but the it seems to be around 50 reviews. If a book hits that number, Amazon then will feature the book in the ‘also bought’ section. They’ll also feature it in their news letter of in spotlight positions, and those features give a huge boost to the book’s exposure.

But getting reviews isn’t easy. An author depends on their readers to take time to write a review and then post it, too. Not many readers do, unfortunately.

A lot of authors seem naturally shy at the very idea of asking for a review for their book. When it comes to (constructive) feedback on their work, most people don’t like to hear that their hard work still has flaws – even after all revisions it’s had. But any author should still appreciate reviews, whether they’re positive or negative, because it gives them exposure and helps them improve their writing.

So if you are a reader and you have something to say about a book you’ve read, make sure you do this online. Give the author a boost by writing a review of their book. It doesn’t even have to be a long, in-depth review. A simple ‘This was awesome!’ or ‘Looking forward to the next book!’ will do. On behalf of all authors:


Read one of my books? Awesome! I hope you enjoyed it! Please consider leaving a review on or I’d be over the moon to read what you thought of it!

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